What Heels You Hit When Playing Paintball

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In the world of Paintball, what hurts more a BB or paintball gel pellet? The answer is… everything. Yes, that’s right… it really depends on what you are playing with and what you are shooting at. For example, if you are using a paintball gun that is specifically made for hunting deer, it will hurt less. If you are playing with a “bigger” sized BB, it will definitely hurt more.

What hurts more a BB or paintball

The thing to keep in mind is that Paintball Gels (also known as Burners, Bases, or Compound aerosols) weigh a good bit more than BBs. So when playing with a paintball gun, you need to make sure that your shot is traveling at an angle where the BB or paintball pellets are not being damaged by a pellet of lighter material. This can easily be accomplished by shooting from an elevated location. Also, make sure that you are firing from a location that is not too far away from a tree, building, or other object that could potentially trip the pellet. Also, try not to shoot directly above or near another person or object as they will be likely to bump into the gun and cause damage.

So what hurts more a BB or paintball gel pellet? The most common answer to this question is the kickback (or “snap”) that occurs when the BB or paintball pellets touch a surface. The majority of Paintball Guns will have a “kickback” system in them. These guns use compressed air to propel the BB or paintball gel from the barrel/pistol to a particular distance. However, some games do not have these systems in their guns, which means that the pellets will encounter objects in their path that may deflect the BB or gel. This is usually what causes the “snap” when the pellets touch something.

What hurts more about Paintball Gels? When the pellets hit a surface, they often deplete the particles of the BB or gel (once they hit the surface, the particles immediately start breaking apart because of friction). If a pellet is shot over a large surface, there is a good chance that many or gel particles may penetrate the surface. This can result in visible damage to the skin, or in less severe cases, open wounds that may even bleed.

The physical trauma inflicted by Paintball Guns are very serious, and some injuries may even need immediate medical attention. Many people who play Paintball find themselves unable to continue playing because of an injury sustained while playing. If you are someone who wants to be able to continue participating in your sport, but you sustain an injury, it is important to talk to your doctor about the possibility of receiving a diagnosis for a possible paintball related injury.

Paintball injuries can be difficult to prove. In many cases, players will claim that they never sustained any injury from Paintball Guns, and their doctors will state that Paintball caused no injury. This can lead to conflicting and unfair results from courts in different locations.

What hurts more about a BB or paintball gel pellet? While Paintball injuries are sometimes difficult to prove, sometimes they are. A person who suffers an injury from Paintball should not rely on their own physical condition to determine the cause of their injury. It is important to get a proper diagnosis from a doctor or medical professional, because the doctor may be able to look at the pellets in question and determine the exact chemical makeup of each pellet.

What hurts more about a BB or paintball gel pellet? The answer is…a lot! When playing Paintball, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and play safely.