Does Airsoft Hurt More Than Paintball?

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Many new airsoft players are often asked the question, does airsoft hurt more than paintball? The truth is that both forms of the game can cause bruising to the individual playing. There are a few key differences between the two though. Airsoft does tend to cause more bruising than paintball, but the difference comes down more to which type of game is being played. Airsoft is a low impact form of the sport where the physical contact is minimal.


Does airsoft hurt more than paintball

Paintball, on the other hand, is a high impact sport in which the physical contact can be significant. The main difference between the two games comes from the physical contact that is made during each. Paintball, like most extreme sports, involves a great deal of bruising. While there have been studies done comparing paintball and airsoft, those comparing paintball and low impact sports generally compare low impact sports such as running and jumping with basketball.

The question, does airsoft hurt more than paintball? cannot be answered without considering the difference between the physical contact and the air blast from each game. Both forms of paintball do cause bruising, and many people claim that both forms of paintball are extremely frustrating and physically difficult to play.

Airsoft has its own share of challenge. When you compare paintball and airsoft, you will find that the physical contact and the blasting make the game much more difficult. Even a player that is used to low impact sports will find themselves quickly overwhelmed by the physical contact and the ability to shoot fast. Even a player that is not used to this type of low impact sport will find the physical contact extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, it is easy to see how much easier low impact sports are for players who are used to better physical contact.

Does Airsoft Hurt More Than Paintball


Another difference between paintball and airsoft is that airsoft relies on low impact speeds to achieve the best results. Paintball is fast-paced, while airsoft mostly utilizes slower speeds. Airsoft players also use what is called an airsoft bb, or airsoft bullet, instead of traditional paintballs. An airsoft bb is designed to be able to travel at extremely fast speeds, which allows them to hit opponents at amazing speeds.

In addition, airsoft relies on players using what are called pellets. Pellets are made from special materials that release small rubber balls (called BB’s), instead of regular airsoft pellets. These BB’s are not harmful in any way to players, and because they are released at extremely fast speeds, they can pierce soft tissue much quicker than traditional pellets.

But are both hobbies dangerous? To some extent, yes, both. Paintball and airsoft do tend to cause quite a bit of physical injury, and both are more likely to lead to permanent injury than other hobbies. Paintballers may sustain bruises and cuts, while airsoft injuries tend to include bruises and cuts, as well as muscle strain and tears. And although some airsoft accessories may reduce these injuries, the overall effect of being hit with a fast moving BB at a fast velocity is considerably more damaging than being hit by a paintball.

So the answer to the question,” Does airsoft hurt more than paintball? “, is more dependent on the type of player you are, your training and experience, and the type of equipment you are using. If you are a highly skilled player, then the injuries due to paintball may be less damaging. But even then, a good general health and safety program should help you avoid injury as much as possible. Even if you are not injured, you will still want to protect yourself from the wear and tear of repeated brawls. So the answer to the question,” Does airsoft hurt more than paintball? “, can only be determined by you and your situation.

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