Does Airsoft BB Hurt?

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does airsoft bb hurt

Does Airsoft BB Hurt?

Airsoft bbs are not as popular as they used to be. In the past the bus were the bbs that you would use in close range combat situations or when a person was cornered. But with today’s growing tactical computer games, the bbs are being used more for target practice. Today many people are starting to wonder does airsoft bb hurt? Let’s find out.

First things first, if you get an airsoft bb to the face then chances are you will be fine. But don’t count on it. Just because you are not in perfect shape when you get hit, does not mean you won’t be injured. The same rule applies to people who play other sports. They need to have a protective head gear and protective clothing, but even professional athletes get hit in the head from time to time. This is no different than any other contact sport.

There are ways to reduce the chance of an injury though. If you are involved in a skirmish with several people your odds of getting a serious injury are increased. It also depends on where you are playing. A field game may not have the same rules as a tournament game.

When it touches your head there is a good chance you will get a mild concussion. This is not concussions but a blow to the head that can lead to temporary memory loss and difficulty thinking. The bbs are small and hard to miss. If you are near another player and get hit, you may be required to leave the area until the EMS team arrives.

With most games, when there is more than one player on each team and all are allowed to play, there is less chance of injury. It is important to always use good judgment when playing. If you are not sure if it would be a good idea to participate in the game then consider other sports or hobbies.

Another question often asked is does it have any side effects. Although it is rare, some people do get hit in the face with bbs. In fact, if you watch pro-airsoft matches on television you will see many players with large bruises on their faces from getting hit. This is not an injury that is often seen on television or in person. The bruising often takes a few days to go down and leaves little to no vision. If this does happen to you then contact your doctor immediately.

The only real side effects of bb playing is bruising and swelling. These are easily taken care of. If your injury is due to a stray bbs you can just take aspirin or ibuprofen and your injury should heal quickly. If your injury is due to a hit then make sure you have your doctor’s advice before continuing your participation in the game.

Overall, it is a great sport for all ages to take part in. If you are not familiar with how to properly shoot your airsoft gun then take some time to learn. It is an excellent way to improve coordination as well as hand-eye coordination. If you are not sure how to hold your bb, then consider purchasing a training bat or receiving lessons from a pro. As long as you follow the rules and safety precautions associated with airsoft bb then you should have no problem playing in no time.

In addition to the obvious bruises that occur from bbs being shot, there are other injuries that occur from its being played with. Some people are injured during play when their fingers get pinched between the trigger and the bbs. This can result in injury or even paralysis. Keep your fingers away from the trigger at all times while playing. Your fingers are the weak point.

If you ever sustain an injury because of playing airsoft don’t let it stop you from enjoying your sport. Airsoft bbs are very affordable and are very safe to use. With so many different accessories and options now available, you can custom order anything you want for your weapon. No longer will you have to settle for an airsoft pistol that does little for you.

You never know when you may accidentally injure yourself or someone else. It is your responsibility to always play safely and be aware of what you are doing. Even though airsoft bbs aren’t dangerous in any way, it still pays to be cautious when playing. Even the smallest accident can be devastating if it happens during a competition. For this reason, you should always wear your airsoft bb in a protective sleeve or case whenever you participate in an airsoft skirmish.

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