Are Airsoft Guns Safe For 13 Year Olds?

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Are airsoft guns safe for 13 year olds

Are Airsoft Guns Safe For 13 Year Olds?

When a police officer asks you if you are carrying an airsoft gun, what are the first words that come to your mind? You might think of orange safety pins or a military patch. In the heat of an airsoft shooting event, these images will quickly fade from your mind. If your child is one who has not yet started to understand the importance of clean air, you have a responsibility to teach your child about these issues.

Airsoft guns can be used safely by any age person. As long as it is used in accordance with local laws and regulations. When you are choosing your airsoft gun, you should take the time to investigate what is available. Some states even have a minimum age requirement. If your child is under the age of thirteen, it is recommended that you avoid airsoft guns entirely.

The truth is, there is no age requirement when it comes to owning and using airsoft guns. However, you need to be certain that your child is old enough to understand how to responsibly use this type of weaponry. There is no checking on the kid’s academic progress or their social abilities. These issues are best left to the adult who is in charge of them. While most states do not require an age for purchasing airsoft guns, some do.

For instance, Alaska requires that persons under the age of eighteen to purchase a shotgun or rifle and keep it securely enclosed in a case while under age 18. If they are also purchasing a pistol, then they must be responsible to understand and use it according to proper airsoft safety. Likewise, the use of a pistol or shotgun is restricted to adults only. Although this may seem contradictory, it is important to remember that an airsoft gun does not fire live ammunition. It merely shoots plastic BBs.

Now that we have made sure that the safety concerns for your child are not an issue, let us address the question, “Are airsoft guns safe for teens?”. Yes, you can teach your teenager how to properly handle and use an airsoft gun. This can be done through the use of an adult, or by purchasing an appropriate system that comes with an instructional manual. An example would be a “Gas Powered AEG” (automatic electric gun) system.

Now, if your teenager happens to be a good student, then this can serve as an excellent form of ground training. An added benefit is that a good airsoft player who is a member of the “epsoc” or youth club, could be utilized as a liability. If his/her parents would not allow them to purchase an airsoft gun, then the club membership might help in assuring that their teen is not given a gun for personal use. But, what are airsoft guns safe for 13-year-olds if the child decides that he/she wants to play with his/her airsoft gun in the house?

The answer would be, “It depends”. The safety concerns would be different for different age groups. For example, if the child were to accidentally drop his/her airsoft gun, it would not be as harmful as a regular electric toy gun. But, on the other hand, if the child were to attempt to fire the airsoft gun when the batteries are already dead, there is a good possibility that the result would be fatal.

So, are airsoft guns safe for teenagers? I would say, “No”. But, what about adult airsoft players? Well, I would say “yes” if you were playing with a regulated airsoft gun. Otherwise, you need to be very careful indeed when playing with these types of guns.

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