Does Airsoft Hurt More Than Paintball When It Comes to Safety and Legal Issues?

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Paintball and airsoft both share the common element of players being injured and experiencing various degrees of physical trauma, but how does airsoft hurt more than paintball? The first question is probably “what is paintball?” Paintball is a game wherein players simulate military or law enforcement combat by tossing paintballs at each other. Airsoft, on the other hand, involves a lot of more physical activity than just throwing paintballs.

does airsoft hurt more than paintball

Paintball and Airsoft are both played with a fairly large, high powered, and loud gun. The guns are used primarily to hit other players, although occasionally players will use ordinary weapons as well. The primary difference between the two sports, besides the obvious physical differences, is that in paintball, the player is usually under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol while in Airsoft, the player is not necessarily fully under the influence. This means that the injuries from both sports are likely to be somewhat similar.

Common injuries from both sports tend to be broken or torn ligaments (usually the ankles). Sprained muscles are also fairly common. One of the more notable differences between the two sports is that in the case of paintball, the injury can be potentially preventable. There are anti-inflammatory medications that can reduce the amount of pain and swelling players experience during an injury. This reduces the risk of long term injuries and makes the recovery process faster.

Paintball also tends to cause more concussions than airsoft. Paintball players are often young and are prone to squinting, having difficulty seeing, and experiencing ear pain after every shot. Airsoft, on the other hand, is not prone to this problem. Airsoft players are older and are often more alert. Because of this, they also are less likely to suffer from concussions and are less likely to have dizziness after each shot.

Another distinction between the two sports is that players in paintball are not allowed to use masks. They do not use face masks either. As a result, paintballers are often forced to breathe in paintball sprays, which can increase the level of exposure to irritants and allergens. The same is not true for airsoft players because they are required to use masks.

Using an airsoft gun also has a variety of different risks and side effects. These include accidental discharges and injuries to the user. Paintball can cause bruising and abrasions if players use their guns in a way that they are not trained for, such as using them for extended periods of time. Also, they can become irritated and in some cases, develop allergies from using the paintball product.

While both sports have dangers, there are clear differences between the two as well. Paintball players may experience minor discomfort from playing but there are no reports of permanent skeletal damage or eye problems. Airsoft players may sustain bruises and minor injuries that heal over time. However, some of these types of injuries require medical treatment and may affect a player’s ability to play. Also, players who sustain an injury to the neck or back, while playing, are often unsure if it will cause them any long term issues.

So does airsoft hurt more than paintball when it comes to safety and legal issues? In most cases, players are well protected by the safety equipment that is used. Paintball can cause players to trip, fall, or otherwise be injured if safety precautions are not followed. Injuries caused by playing both sports are not as common, however they are still possible. Both sports require players to be cautious and exercise great caution.